How Leade.rs made sure participants from 50 countries connected with high-quality peers

73 sessions
over 2 days
1350 attendees
from 50 countries
89 speakers
curated by the organizers
11 partners
from the tech industry

The mission and challenges of Leade.rs

Targeted content
Attendees should be able to plan their schedule and get updates on last-minute program changes
Quality networking
A diverse group of attendees from many different countries needs to easily meet the right people

Why did Leade.rs choose Swapcard?

Networking is probably the number one reason guests and attendees come to our event, and Swapcard is very helpful for that.

Loic Le Meur

Swapcard was super easy for us to implement et helped us save time managing our event.

Christine Foote


The numbers

2 409
sessions added to the calendar
48 776
chat messages sent through the app
encounters per attendee (on avg.)

During past editions of leade.rs attendees and participants noted they'd like to benefit from improved networking. We rose to the challenge of delivering quality connection opportunities to a broad audience present at the event. Swapcard rolled out a matchmaking algorithm to help attendees and exhibitors secure the best meetings possible. Moreover, the organizing team was able to inform attendees of some last-minute changes to the program. With real-time updates and push notifications in place, organizers highlighted critical information while participants did not need to download new versions of the program.

Solutions delivered

Everyone on the same page
Shared knowledge boosts attendance and improves coordination on site during the event.
Meaningful encounters
Thanks to AI-powered matchmaking, attendees create better-quality connections.
It's been great to have a reminder of when your next session begins and what it's about


Thanks to the app, I made a great business contact and landed a job interview



Leade.rs is now using Swapcard for its events worldwide

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