How the Dubai World Trade Centre managed 2 simultaneous events and gave power back to its exhibitors

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Connections made
“The biggest challenge is probably to make sure that the exhibitors leave the event happy, which means leads. Before, we didn't have an on-time live lead capture activity, and this year we solved that with Swapcard partnership."

Firat Aktas

Marketing Director, Brand Innovation & Communication at Dubai World Trade Centre (organizer)
“This year we were looking for a new provider, a new partner. The number of people who used the app, attendees, exhibitors networking is just unbelievable”

Laureline Schwarz

Head of Marketing at Dubai World Trade Centre (organizer)

The Challenges

Give more power to exhibitors
Successful exhibitors turn into recurring sponsors - their success starts with having the right tools.
Increase usage & downloads rates
A larger network leads to greater possible interactions. The challenge is sparking enough app downloads.
Give the best experience to attendees
GITEX visitors have diverse goals for attending the event. Meeting those goals was our #1 priority.
Two events in the same day
GITEX Technology Week and GITEX Future Stars ran side by side, requiring greater functionalities from the app.

Two events, one app, almost four hundred thousand connections made

Lead retrieval and exhibitor portal
Exhibitors had the tools to attract and retain leads seamlessly within the Swapcard app.
The best experience gives you the best usage rates
More exhibitors and attendees wanted to benefit from the best tools. Swapcard tripled the number of app downloads from the last 2018 edition.
A smart platform for your smart event
Swapcard facilitated around 400 000 new connections using AI-powered profile suggestions.
Two events, one app
With event-specific ticket permissions, Swapcard handled the rules and access of two simultaneous events.
Set rules between people
Swapcard provided special permissions to the appropriate people, including VIPs access to both programs and standard ticket holders attending only their chosen event.
We use this app for scanning our customers' information, and each business unit has a different type of product, so the app helps us identifying which customer is related to which business.

Kawai Masayuki

General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric (exhibitor)
This year, before the event even started, we actually reached the numbers of app downloads of last year's end of the event.

Firat Aktas

Marketing Director, Brand Innovation & Communication at Dubai World Trade Centre (organizer)
We have signed a 3-year contract with Swapcard. The other shows at Dubai World Trade Centre will also use Swapcard.

Laureline Schwarz

Head of Marketing at Dubai World Trade Centre (organizer)

More statistics

Badges Scanned
Meetings Confirmed on the app
number of app downloads from the last 2018 edition

The Dubai World Trade Centre used Swapcard to support GITEX for the event's 39th year, which hosted more than 100,000 people. Thanks to Swapcard, attendees and exhibitors from two parallel events confirmed 4,508 meetings and exhibitors gained a lot of new contacts. The myriad meetings and connections were driven by Swapcard's AI and its simple scanning feature. As a two-part event, Swapcard also helped enforce specific conference rules: standard ticket holders could not cross to the next event but VIPs were able to seamlessly cross back and forth between both programs — all thanks to Swapcard's in-app rules.

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